doodle Oscars

what are doodle Oscars?

As you'll have learned so far, we'll make lots of comic books. But we need actors for that. And your doodle dino can get a role in one of our comic books!

Every doodle dino can become the star in one or multiple of our comics. You can use your $DD staking rewards to get a casting spot and make an appearance in our comic books.

Starring in a comic book will make your dinosaur more famous, and more valuable! And you'll earn Oscars for doing so!

how do Oscars work?


Stake your doodle dino and earn $DD coins


For every new comic book we create, you can join our cast using $DD


Doodle dinos appearing in our comic books will earn Oscars

how to get a casting spot?

For each of the comic books we draw, we'll go through a casting round to select doodle dinos that will make an appearance in our comic book. Every doodle dino holder will be able to join.

We'll work with two types of casting rounds: auction and lottery. In an auction, the roles will be sold to the highest bidder. In the lottery, we'll pick random dinos to make an appearance. The community will decide on which approach we will take.

All fees will be payable in our own $DD coin, which you'll get through staking your doodle dino. So you won't have to spend any extra cash!

Note: When we release the first comic, we won't have our staking and casting scripts ready. So for the first comic, we'll pick the dinosaurs randomly. Check our roadmap for detailed timing.

why do I need an Oscar?

Oscars will be one of the metadata attributes that you can search on in NFT marketplaces. Having a higher amount of Oscars (more comic book appearances) will make your doodle dino more famous, and thus more valuable!


The number of Oscars a doodle dino has will be one of the attributes on the NFT. This value will be updated after every comic book.


Lead appearances will get an Oscar NFT minted to their address. "Best performance of the year goes to..."

Nr of Oscars

Depending on your role, you'll get a different amount of Oscars. Lead roles will give you 3, while appearances only give you 1 Oscar.

community Oscars

Next to our regular Oscars, there will also be community Oscars. For those, the community decides who gets awarded an additional Oscar!

Our community Oscars will be handed out to the dinosaurs getting the most votes. Every doodle dino owner can vote on the funniest, cutest, smartest... doodle dino that appeared in a comic book.

To who will those special Oscar NFT awards go? Join us and vote on your favorites!

hall of fame

Looking for the most famous dinosaurs? Who's the true star of Dinowood? Our hall of fame will display our doodle dinos and the number of Oscars they earned.

We'll build our hall of fame after our first comic book has been released. So stay tuned!