doodle comic

what are doodle comics?

Doodle comics are digital NFT comic books. They're hand-drawn stories starring our doodle dinos.

Our first comic book will be airdropped for free to every doodle dino owner. So get your doodle dino now.

As from the second comic book, you can purchase them using our own $DD coin. $DD can be earned through staking your doodle dino NFTS.

As for the cast, you can earn your spot in our comics as well. Become the star of our comic books and earn Oscars! Oscars will increase your dinosaur's fame, making it more valuable.

how to get a doodle comic?


The first doodle comic will be airdropped for free to all doodle dino holders


Stake your doodle dino and earn $DD coins that can be used to mint comics and earn a casting spot


Mint NFT comic books using your $DD coins earned through staking

comic books rarities

Each of our comic books will be released with different editions with different rarities. When airdropped a comic, or when minting a comic, you have a chance to get a rarer version of the comic book.

Full details on our comic rarities will be revealed later.

1st comic - Human Park

Sixty-six million years ago a large asteroid hit planet earth and wiped almost all life from our planet, including the species called humans. Now the planet is inhabited by several new species and the dinosaurs rule the world.

The dinosaurs have tried to bring back the human species and succeeded; humans live and breathe on a deserted island where scientists found them a new home.

But nothing is without danger.

Follow our doodle dinos as they visit ‘Human Park’; a brand new theme park where they’ll come eye to eye with real humans.

casting & Oscars

Your doodle dinos can become the star of our comic books! For every comic, we need actors to cast in our story. Will you join?

Stake your doodle dino NFTS and earn $DD coins. $DD can be used to get a casting spot in one of our comics.

Dinosaurs that are cast in one of our comic books, will earn Oscars. Oscars make your doodle dino more famous, and thus more valuable.