doodle coin

what are doodle coins?

After our doodle dinos have been minted, we'll create our own doodle dino coin, $DD. The doodle dino coin will power the doodle dinos ecosystem.

You'll be able to get this coin through staking your doodle dino NFT. Staked doodle dinos will earn $DD every day.

Earned doodle coins can be redeemed and used to mint future editions of our comic book NFTS or to get a casting spot in one of our comic books.

Dinosaurs that get a casting spot in a comic book will earn Oscars. Oscars make your dino more famous, and more valuable!

how to get doodle coins?


Mint a doodle dino NFT during our whitelist or public mint


Stake your doodle dino NFT and earn $DD coins every day


Harvest your earned $DD at any time

utility of $DD


Mint doodle dino comic book NFTS using $DD


Use $DD to get a casting spot in one of our comics and earn Oscars


Mint special edition NFTS such as seasonal banners using $DD