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what are doodle dinos?

Doodle dinos isn't just another Polygon NFT. Your doodle dino is your ticket to get the doodle dino comic books! And there is more, your dinosaur can become the star of that comic!

When you mint one of our doodle dinosaurs, you'll get the first doodle comic for free. After the 1st comic, staking will open. Stake your doodle dino NFT and earn $DD (doodle dino coins).

Stake your doodle dino to earn doodle coins
Use your doodle coins to mint comic books and earn Oscars

You can use your $DD to earn a casting spot in one of our upcoming comics or to mint comic book NFTS. This way holders will continue to be rewarded!

Dinosaurs starring in one of our comics will earn Oscars. Oscars make your dinosaur more famous and more valuable. Become the star of Dinowood!

Sounds good? Check our website to learn more.

phase 1 - doodle eggs

Doodle eggs will be the very first phase of our project. Eggs will be mintable NFTS and will be your whitelist ticket to mint a doodle dino at a reduced price.

We'll also have some giveaways where the egg counts as your lottery ticket. So make sure to grab yours!

The funds raised from the egg sale will be used to cover our marketing costs to boost the sales of the doodle dinos.

phase 2 - doodle dinos

Doodle dinos will be the central NFT of our collection. Our doodle dinos will be the NFT you mint, that gives you access to all the cool stuff that will follow.

For every further stage of our project, being a holder of one of our doodle dinos, means you'll benefit. Stake your dinosaurs or star in a comic book and earn Oscars.

So make sure to grab your doodle dino NFT and be a part of our dinosaur community!

phase 3 - doodle comic

Doodle dinos comic book example

Next up is our doodle comic. When 50% of our doodle dinos have been minted, we'll start working on our very own comic book.

The comic book will be a digital comic, that's airdropped for free to all holders of a doodle dino NFT.

The comic book will be starring doodle dinos that are minted by our users, so you might see your own doodle dino become a star in our comic!

And there will be more! After finishing our first comic book, we plan to make another one, and another one...

phase 4 - doodle coin & Oscars

After all doodle dinos have been minted, we'll launch our own doodle dino coin, $DD. Stake your doodle dino to earn $DD.

The doodle dino coins you earned through staking can be used to get your casting spot in one of our upcoming comics or to purchase future editions of doodle dino comic books.

Oh yea, quick note: Dinosaurs casting in a comic book will earn Oscars.

Doodle dino coin

low environmental impact

This isn't really part of one of our stages anymore, but it is important to us! So definitely worth mentioning.

Our NFTS will be minted on Polygon to keep our environmental impact limited. The Polygon blockchain is much more environmentally friendly than its parent chain Ethereum. A transaction on Polygon is validated using Proof of Stake, a validation mechanism that has a lower carbon footprint than Proof of Work.

According to the official publication by Polygon themselves, Polygon NFTS emit 100.000 less CO2 than on Ethereum. You can read more in their publication.

Polygon tree

when can I mint?

Doodle egg example

Doodle Eggs

Doodle eggs will drop on April 9th.

Supply: 10,000

Price: 0.3 MATIC

Melon colored dinosaur NFT

Doodle Dinos

Drop details will come soon. Egg holders will be whitelisted, minting early and at ± $10 discount.

Polygon logo drawing


Our NFTS are on Polygon to keep gas fees low for minting and staking.

what's on the roadmap?

Compass drawing

Our different phases above are all part of our roadmap. But we also have a dedicated roadmap page, where we put our different stages into a milestone planning.

We've got more coming! We want to shape the rest of our plans together with the community. What's important to you is what matters to us! So join us and take part in building this great new community!

who built doodle dinos?

Dinosaur with female hat


NFT artist, graphical design, comic book

Twitter - Instagram

Dinosaur with high hat

Steve (Cryptosaurs)

Smart contract, minting dapp, website

Site - Twitter - Instagram

Dinosaur dressed for winter


Community manager

Twitter - Twitch

Dinosaur sticking out tongue




what are NFTS?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a data unit stored on the blockchain that’s non-fungible. That means that 1 NFT is not the same as another NFT.

There are different examples of NFTs. Some use cases are images (photos, art…), videos, audio… The blockchain keeps track of who owns the item (proof of ownership) and of the full chain of custody of each NFT.

what are doodle eggs?

Doodle eggs are NFTS on the Polygon blockchain. Each egg is an ERC-721 token. Doodle eggs are used at the start of our project as a marketing campaign and to earn whitelist spots for the doodle dino mint.

what are doodle dinos?

Doodle dinos are NFTS on the Polygon blockchain. Each NFT is an ERC-721 token. Doodle dinos play the central role in our project and will be the NFTS you need, to earn staking rewards and mint future comic books.

what are doodle comics?

Our doodle comics are digital NFT comic books starring our minted doodle dinos. Doodle dinos starring in one of our comic books will earn Oscars and become more famous.

are the comic books free?

The first comic book will be minted for free to the wallet of every holder. All future comic books will be mintable using MATIC or $DD coins.

on what blockchain are doodle dinos?

We mint our NFTs on Polygon. The reason for this is to keep gas fees low and because of the lower environmental impact of Polygon. Less CO2 is emitted by Polygon transactions.

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum. Transactions on Polygon cost less than $0.05 and are paid in MATIC.

what are the contracts

All of our contracts will be verified. This means you can check if the code is safe before minting. Transparency is key to us.

We'll update this section with the contract addresses once the information is available.

where can I buy doodle dinos?

Doodle eggs and doodle dinos can be minted. Missed our mint? We'll add the marketplace links here once minting is over.

who's behind doodle dinos?

Doodle dinos were created by Steve and Bethany. Bethany loves illustrating but is quite new to the NFT space. Steve is already in the space for a while and is the creator of Cryptosaurs.

I, Steve, love to code and Bethany loves to draw. One day we were talking about NFTS and decided to team up and create something different in the NFT space. We wanted to make comic books, an uncommon use of NFTS.

We ran through ideas and picked dinosaurs, as we both loved them as kids. We loved every step of building this project and hope we can share some of our passion with you.

Lara will support us in giveaways and administration.